About us

NationWide Lights

Discover the transformative potential of our customizable lighting solutions – simply provide us with the measurements for your desired area, and we'll take care of the rest!

Revamp your home garage or showroom with lighting that makes a statement! Our Hexagon LED lighting is ideal for elevating any space to a top-tier showroom.

We've enhanced affordability and simplified DIY installation for our lights. They offer ample working light, suitable for ceiling attachment or suspension. Crafted from high-quality, lightweight aluminum frames, our lights come with a built-in transformer and universal voltage for worldwide use.

At NationWide, we take pride in our highly skilled installers, available for expert installation services in Melbourne.

Reach out to us at nationwidelights@gmail.com to schedule your installation and breathe life into your space.

ORIGIN: Established in 2023, nationwidelights.com originated from humble beginnings, striving to meet the growing global demand for lighting. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Nationwide has grown into a well-established business with a loyal customer base worldwide.

As a family-run business, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality lights, backed by exceptional service, valuable advice, and cost-effectiveness. All our lights adhere to Australian standards and feature an easy plug-and-play system, available in various sizes and customizable configurations. Whether for car detailing studios or barbers, our lights are guaranteed to make a dynamic statement in your space.

WE INSTALL: Our team of qualified electricians is committed to delivering top-tier services. Illuminate your space with confidence, knowing that precision and excellence are at the core of every service we provide. Trust us to transform your vision into a brilliantly lit reality, setting the perfect ambiance for your surroundings.


Are HEX Lights difficult to install?

Simple plug-and-play setup. Every lighting kit includes easy-to-follow instructions.

Can i combine HEX lighting sets?

Yes you can combine one or more existing lighting sets. Or contact us for a custom size quote

Do the lights change colour?

Unfortunately not at the moment. Our lights only come in white for the time being!

Are the lights dimmable?

Our HEX lights are not designed to work with a dimmer.

Will it add to my energy bill?

Our HEX lights consume less energy and use energy more efficiently, saving you lots of money!

Do you offer warranty?

Of course we do! Our warranty on lighting products is 1 year.

Do you provide discounts for trade partners?

Certainly! We have an expanding network of endorsed installers who enjoy exclusive discounts. If you're interested in becoming part of our installer program, please reach out to us to express your interest and initiate the registration process.