Pro Advice: Prior to installation, ensure the removal of the protective film on the light tubes. Assemble with care to avoid damaging connectors or causing malfunctions. Test the lighting before the final ceiling installation. For electrical setup validation, consult a licensed electrician.

Step 1: Assembly on the Floor

Begin by assembling the entire lighting structure on the floor. If your kit includes a border, construct it first; otherwise, proceed to Step 3. Connect longer lighting tubes with straight and 90-degree connectors to form the border, ensuring tubes are fully inserted.

Step 2: Border Connection

Place a T connector at the border corner where the power cable connects to the power supply. Follow the power cable locations indicated in the provided instructions diagram.

Step 3: Hexagon Formation

Construct each hexagon shape into columns by connecting lighting tubes with elbow and Y connectors to achieve your desired pattern.

Step 4: Power Cable Placement

Position Y connectors outside the hexagons where power cables will plug in and connect to the power supply. The number of power cables needed depends on your kit's size and the quantity of lighting tubes. Follow the power cable locations specified in the instructions diagram.

Step 5: Pre-Installation Testing

Test the system before the final ceiling installation. Consulting a licensed electrician is advisable to ensure your electrical setup is sufficient and to perform the final connection to the 100-240V power supply.

Step 6: Ceiling Installation

Raise and install the assembly as a whole or in sections. Use screws through connector holes (preferred), suspend with wire, or fasten with zip ties. Connect to the power supply after installation on the ceiling.


Are HEX Lights difficult to install?

Simple plug-and-play setup. Every lighting kit includes easy-to-follow instructions.

Can i combine HEX lighting sets?

Yes you can combine one or more existing lighting sets. Or contact us for a custom size quote

Do the lights change colour?

Unfortunately not at the moment. Our lights only come in white for the time being!

Are the lights dimmable?

Our HEX lights are not designed to work with a dimmer.

Will it add to my energy bill?

Our HEX lights consume less energy and use energy more efficiently, saving you lots of money!

Do you offer warranty?

Of course we do! Our warranty on lighting products is 1 year.

Do you provide discounts for trade partners?

Certainly! We have an expanding network of endorsed installers who enjoy exclusive discounts. If you're interested in becoming part of our installer program, please reach out to us to express your interest and initiate the registration process.